Re-sign H3lix for IOS (yes Jailbreak…)

I’ve been using h3lix ( in the past on my Iphone. Recently I needed it again, but it turned out Cydia Impactor doesn’t let you install h3lix anymore.

There was a tweet about it:

and followed the steps:

  1. Download h3lix (
  2. Download (or copy paste) script and run it, patching downloaded h3lix.ipa.
  3. Create a new project in Xcode, run it on iPhone, to update certificates
  4. Run IOS App Signer (,

4a. Enter your valid Certificate

4b. Enter Provisioning Profile using the one you created with your new project

4c. Change App Display Name if you wish

5. After “Done”, drag / drop signed h3lix with your certificate using Xcode (Devices and Simulators window)

6. Run H3lix (or how you named it) on your iPhone

7. Run Cydia, install Open SSH.

8. Restart device

9. Run H3lix (Kickstart again). You need to wait a bit (around 1 minute) after the phone is booted up, otherwise it will fail to kickstart.

That’s it.